Whole food recipes that help to heal, nourish and celebrate.

About Panaceas Pantry.

Welcome to panaceas pantry blog, a place where you’ll find plant filled recipes that nourish, heal and celebrate. I provide real food recipes and hope to create a little something for everyone.

Hi,I’m jade. Welcome to my space where I share my love of food and many-chocolate filled recipes. As a past naturopath and nutritionist, as well as a mother to 3 young girls, I am very aware that what we eat matters. Eating good quality and a mostly whole foods diet is the backbone to good health, but so is enjoying making and enjoying food. balance is key and we celebrate all foods here. From leafy greens to an abundance of dark chocolate we love what Mother Nature provides and we celebrate it all!

After coming across the huge array of diets many families need to adopt (including my own family at times) I naturally gravitated to creating recipes that are free-from ingredients so that everyone can eat together. Some recipes are free from all the major allergies, some contain them all- I try to provide a good mixture of all. If you have any specific requests leave me a comment on one of the posts  and I’ll do my best.

I share a lot of my work over here on Instagram, where you can find me sharing a few of my other passions and behind the scenes of recipes, plus videos, reels and more. Come over and say hi- I especially love seeing photos of the recipes you ave made.

When I am not cooking up a storm you can find me home schooling (or unschooling) my girls, in the garden, going for a walk or attempting craft. I live about 60km from Melbourne, Australia, in a small tree-filled town where I grew up- and we are hoping build our dream healthy home soon.

Thats enough about me- enjoy my recipes and I look forward to hearing your reviews and feedback.

Not sure where to start? This tahini banana bread is a much-loved winner. 



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