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healthy Cookie dough bars

chocolate chip cookie dough bars

  • Author: Jade Woodd
  • Prep Time: 10-15 mins
  • Cook Time: 4 hours setting time
  • Total Time: 16 minute
  • Yield: 16 1x
  • Category: Desserts
  • Method: Unbaked
  • Cuisine: Australian
  • Diet: Gluten Free


If you’re a cookie dough lover but you want a grain-free version that you can snack on at your hearts content then these chocolate chip cookie dough bars are for you. All the fun of regular cookie dough but they’ll leave you feeling much better after eating big scoop!




  • 150g 80% dark chocolate, chopped
  • 93g (1/3 cup) roast cashew butter



  1. For this recipe I recommend using kitchen scales to ensure all measurements are correct. If you do not have kitchen scales I have used Australian standard measurements and follow the spoon and scrape method of filling cups and spoons.
  2. Grease and line a 10x 20 rectangle tin (or a 15cm square tin) and set aside. You can use a smaller or larger sized tin, you will just have a thinner/thicker slice in the end.
  3. Into a large mixing bowl add cubed, room temperature butter, cashew butter, vanilla maple syrup and the optional molasses. Beat, using electric beaters, for around 4-5 minutes until the mixture has become pale and creamy and looks light and airy (or whipped). Note– if you have a stand mixer you can use this, of course.
  4. Add salt, almond meal, sifted coconut flour and the optional  bicarb. Use a wooden spoon to mix well- you don’t want to undcrmix the batter as it will to too light and airy and won’t hold its shape as well (*however its absolutely delicious to eat bu the spoon this way).
  5. Finally, add in chocolate chips or any of the optional extras you light like. Fold through then transfer the cookie dough into your prepared pan. Use a wet dessert spoon to flatten the dough into an even layer- if the spoon starts to stick and drag give it a clean, wet it, and continue. Alternatively just use damp fingers to do the same job. If adding the chocolate topping set aside or if not more onto step 7.
  6. To make the chocolate topping place the chocolate and cashew butter into a heat proof bowl. Add 2 cm water to a small saucepan and bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer. Place the bowl of chocolate on top of the saucepan so that it sits on the rim (the bowl should not touch the water). Melt, stirring regularly, until completely liquid and smooth. Pour melted chocolate over the cookie dough base and use a clean spoon to spread evenly. NOTE: You can also use a microwave for this step. Add ingredients to a microwave-safe bowl and heat in 15second increments, mixing in-between, until smooth and liquid.
  7. Transfer your slice into the freezer for 4+ hours to set.
  8. Remove slice from the freezer and allow to defrost slightly ion the bench for 20 mins. Use a hot, sharp knife to cut into desired serving sizes, then place into an airtight container for storage. This slice is not shelf stable in warm temperatures and must be store in the fridge or freezer.

Serving and storage

Your chocolate chip cookie dough bars can be served at room temperature (in the colder months), straight from the fridge and also from the freezer (they are actually really good frozen- if your freezer is extra cold allow 5 mins to get a bit warmer/softer).

In cold weather your chocolate chip cookie dough bars can be stored at room temperature in an air-tight container for up to 5 days.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge (up to 2 weeks) or freezer (up to 3 months).


  • You can substitute cashew butter for hulled tahini, peanut butter or roast almond butter. I found the best flavour to be with cashew butter, but all work well.
  • You can substitute chocolate chips for anything you like, or add in 1/2 cup extra flavours too. Some of my favourites I’ve tried were roast hazelnuts (chopped), roast macadamia (chopped) or freeze dried raspberries.

Keywords: Palo, cookie dough, butter, grain free baking, healthy snacks