Nut free energy bars

These nut free energy bars are the perfect school snack as they are nut free, packed with whole foods are delightfully delicious.

I regularly get requests to make nut free recipes, and I’ll admit- I don’t do it that often. These bars though, they have been a regular snack in our household and are easily adaptable depending on wheat you have in the pantry.

I used a range of seeds, and as always I activated them before making this superfood seed snack bars. This step is totally optional but if you want to read more about activating seeds, check out this post here.

Nut free energy barsSuperfood seed barsSuperfood seed bars

Here is what you will need

  • Pure maple syrup– or any of your preferred liquid sweeteners like honey, rice malt syrup or agave. I prefer maple for both the taste and ease-of-use though.
  • Juicy dates– I like Medjool, but there are other fresh dates that you might prefer. You can theoretically sub in dried dates, but you will need to use more and also soak them in water prior to use.
  • Hulled tahini- made form sesame seeds, tahini is important to help the bars stick together. Go for a hulled variety (lighter in flavour) and try to find a runny one.
  • Buckwheat grouts. Buckwheat is actually a seed (and has no resemblance to wheat, it is more closely related rhubarb) and is an affordable, delicious and nutritious must-have in your pantry. In Australia it is found at all major supermarkets.
  • Shredded coconut– used to add a natural sweetness and interesting variety in texture.
  • Chia seeds– chia seeds are really important in this recipe as they help glue to the bars together. Don’t sub for anything else. They are also filled with plant based omega 3s, so add an important nutritional quality to the superfood seed snack bars. In you’re an Aussie, source locally grown chia seeds and help to keep South American grown chia in South America.
  • Sesame seeds– or you can sub pumpkin or sunflower seeds.
  • Hemp hearts– Hemp is quickly growing is attention in the health food world, and for good reason. Besides containing myriad minerals, they have a perfectly balanced fat ratio, proving omegas 3, 6 and 9. I love to source Australian grown hemp.
  • Cacao powder and vanilla– the usuals of a unbaked snack bar.
  • Coconut flour– this is an important ingredient to help bind. Coconut flour absorbs a huge amount of liquid compared to other flours, and so it should not be subbed. You can easily make your own by following these steps.
  • Dark chocolate. Optional, but always recommended. I used the Whittakers 76% to make these, but you can use any vegan chocolate you like.

Superfood seed bars

Nut free energy barsStoring your nut free energy bars

These bars set with a soft and chewy texture, and preferably need to be stored in the fridge. As they contain both coconut oil and dark chocolate they are not appropriate to be transported to school/work in hotter climates (over 32 degrees C), but are perfect for cooler climates or the cooler months .

Store your vegan energy bars in an airtight container in the pantry (up to 4 days), in the fridge (for up to 1 week) or in the freezer (for 1 month). To defrost, make sure you place the bars in the fridge to defrost slowly.

This recipes makes a huge slab that lasts our family for weeks, but you can easily half it if you want a smaller batch.

Superfood seed bars

Have you tried this recipe? I would love to hear from you below. Your thoughtful reviews and comments help others find this recipe too, and I always love to hear your feedback.

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Nut free energy bars

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  • Author: Jade Woodd
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: nil
  • Total Time: 0 hours
  • Yield: 48 serves 1x
  • Category: Snacks, grain free, nut free
  • Method: No bake
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Vegan


A nut-free healthy bar packed with nutritious seeds, dates, buckwheat, maple syrup and cacao. A wonderful school friendly bar with an optional dark chocolate topping.


  • 150g (1/2 cup) Maple Syrup
  • 12 (1 cup pitted) Medjool dates *(see note)
  • 280g (1 cup) hulled tahini
  • 2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 65g (1/3 cup) coconut oil, melted
  • 165g (1 cup) buckwheat grouts
  • 140g (2 cups) shredded coconut
  • 170g (1 cup) chia seeds
  • 80g (1/2 cup) sesame seeds
  • 67g (1/2 cup) hemp hearts
  • 55g (1/2 cup) cacao powder
  • 55g (1/2 cup) coconut flour
  • 200300g 70% dark chocolate
  • 1 tsp coconut oil


  1. Grease and line a 23 x 33 cm deep tin. Set aside. Add the dry ingredients (buckwheat, shredded coconut, chia seeds, sesame seeds, hemp hearts, cacao/cocoa and coconut flour) into a large mixing bowl and mix well. Set aside.
  2. Add maple syrup, pitted dates, tahini, vanilla and melted coconut oil into a blender, and blend until an even paste forms. Pour this mixture into the dry mix bowl and mix very well. Once everything looks uniform, transfer to the lined tray. Spread evenly then press down firmly to create the bars (you can use the back of a spoon or a flat glass as a mini rolling pin if you wish).
  3. Finally, create the chocolate topping. Use between 200-300 grams chocolate (more if you want a thicker topping). Bang each bar of chocolate on the bench before opening to break it into small pieces then add to a heatproof bowl with the 1 tsp coconut oil, and set over a pot of just simmering water (ensure the bowl doesn’t touch the water). Melt slowly, then once liquid pour over the base, smooth out with a dry spoon and set in the fridge for 4+ hours.To cut the bars, it is recommended to use a hot, very sharp knife. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge (up to 2 weeks) or freezer (up to 4 weeks).


You can use a mixture of any nuts or seeds for this recipe, but this is the combo I love.

  1. Jade thank you for your easy & healthy snack ideas. This slice is everything! So quick to put together and love the texture, crunch and flavours. Tastes like it has nuts but doesn’t so it’s perfect for the lunchbox – my 4 kids demolished it. Was going to halve the batch but so glad I didn’t. You won’t regret making this!

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback- i appreciate it so much! So happy hear the kiddies loved it, thats always my goal.

  2. Ok so I’m writing reviews for all you recipes that I make coz they’re AMAZING. So easy to follow, healthy and my kids love them… And you get bonus points for this one coz my husband actually loves it?


  3. We love these seedy bars, so delicious ! The single recipe makes a really decent tray amount too for a family of seven. I added a little sea salt which really bought out the caramel type flavour of the tahini and dates together . A winner. ! Thanks for the recipe, it’s a keeper ??

    1. Hi Lisa,

      So glad yo and the family are enjoying these- I always love etc reminder to make them gain too 🙂

  4. This is everything I thought it would be. I’d been trying to formulate a recipe like this in my mind for ages but hadn’t had the time to experiment. When I found yours it looked like the kind of thing that I wanted so I gave it a go. I made a few subs and my children love it. I used cacao butter instead of cocnut oil, 1/2 cup goji berries and 1/2 cup dried bluberries instead of one cup of the shredded coconut, and 1/2 cup activated pumpkin seeds and 1/2 cup activated sunflower seeds instead of the sesame seeds. Bookmarked and definitely will be making it again.

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