Vegan no-bake lemon slice

This vegan no-bake lemon slice is seriously good, friends. I’m talking, possibly my favourite slice ever good and thats a big call. 7 ingredients, grain and gluten free options, easy peasy to whip up and a guaranteed crowd pleaser- you’re going to want to save this recipe.


  • Almond flour- be sure to use almond FLOUR not meal, I have made this mistake myself. Although they are similar almond flour is a more finely ground product made from blanched, peeled almonds. Almond meal is courser, and actually it will work if you use it- but the texture isn’t as great.
  • Rolled oats- a wholegrain, there are many different types of oats but we always use organic rolled oats. Steer clear of quick oats as they are the most highly processed.
  • Shredded coconut- the meat from fresh, whole coconut that has been dried and finely chopped.
  • Coconut condensed milk- a dairy free alternative to condensed milk.
  • Medjool dates- a fresh fruit perfect for raw cakes because of there ability to bind the mixture.
  • Coconut oil- the oil extracted from the meat of a coconut.
  • Coconut butter- delicious source of good fats coconut butter is simply coconut processed to a smooth paste.
  • Lemon- the essential citrusy flavour of our slice!


  • Food processor
  • Cup measurements
  • Heat proof bowl + small pot for boiling water
  • A cake tin

Vegan lemon slice


You can find coconut butter at your local health food store, or possibly your supermarket (if you’re lucky enough to have a good one!), but never fear if you can’t find it, its super easy to make it yourself from the comfort of your own home. It’ll not only be far more cost effective, but its quick and easy, earth friendly (yay for no packaging), and always satisfying when you’ve whipped up your very own irresistible coconut butter.

Note- Full disclosure: I have not been able to create a coconut butter as good as store bought- perhaps they use a stone ground variety?

So, here’s the very complicated recipe you guys… are you ready?

  • 3 cups shredded coconut

Thats it!

  1. Simply blend shredded coconut in a food processor for 10 minutes, scrapping down the sides occasionally with a spatular.
  2. Store your coconut butter in a glass jar

If you want to have a go at making your own coconut condensed milk, try this recipe here.

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We hope you like this vegan no-bake lemon slice recipe as much as we do! We love hearing your feedback, so if you try this recipe please leave a review or a comment at the bottom of the page. Have a great day.

Vegan lemon slice

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Vegan no-bake lemon slice

  • Author: panaceaspantry
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes setting time
  • Total Time: 45
  • Yield: 9-12 bars 1x
  • Category: Desserts
  • Cuisine: American


A delicious biscuity base perfectly paired with a creamy lemon coconut icing (minus all that sugar!). 7 ingredients, a grain + gluten free option, quick and easy to whip up and a guaranteed crowd pleaser (if you can bring yourself to share it..)



For the base

  • 1 cup almond flour (we used activated)
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats*
  • 1 1/4 cups shredded coconut
  • Pinch salt
  • 1/3 cup coconut Condensed milk * (see notes)
  • 1/3 cup (approx 3 large) juicy dates
  • Zest from 1 organic lemon

For the icing

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter *(see notes)
  • 2 Tbsp condensed Condensed milk
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • Optional- 6 drops pure lemon essential oil .


1. Add almond flour, oats, coconut and salt to a food processor and pulse to combine. You want the result to be semi-fine, but can still be slightly chunky.

2. Add remaining base ingredients and pulse to combine. The dough should be moist enough to easily hold together. Press into the base of a lined tin (mine was 15cm square).

3. Next, make your icing. Add coconut oil and condensed milk to a heat proof bowl, and place over a pot of just simmering water. Melt gently, then remove bowl from heat. Add coconut butter, and whisk until uniform, then add lemon juice + optional oil, and stir to combine.

4.Pour over base, sprinkle with extra coconut and set in fridge until the icing is firm.

5.Your slice will last 1 week in the fridge, 3 months in the freezer.


*You can use buckwheat groats instead of the oats for a grain free option. I tend to make this variety now, as I don’t like to eat oats when they have not been cooked.

The coconut condensed milk is store bought, but you can make your own easily enough. I have not tried any substitutions with this product

To make your own coconut butter, read the blog post.


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